What does ContactSign mean?

ContactSign is a contact sign.
Our life is shaped by events and encounters with people whom you meet at a certain time and in a certain place.
ContactSign makes it possible to establish contact and exchange information with anyone you meet, anywhere in the world.
The unique combination of the ContactSign hand sign with the web portal accessible worldwide allows unique opportunities for personal contact and communication.
The web portal is comparable to an information bulletin board available worldwide.
The ContactSign hand sign signals to a select person that you have placed a message for him or her on the web portal.

How does ContactSign work?

1. If you see a person with whom you would like to get in contact or to whom you would like to send a message, show this person the ContactSign with your hand.
2. Then go to the web portal to save a message for the desired person [ENTER]. Your email address will not be displayed to anyone when you do this.
3. Once the desired person has seen and recognized the sign, they can look for your message on the web portal [SEARCH].
4. Once the desired person has found your message, they can send you a message, e.g. with name and phone number. The response will be sent directly to your e-mail address with the e-mail address of the desired person.

Now you have the required contact information for the desired person and can contact him or her directly.

Application sign: ContactSign can also be used without a hand sign if, following an event or an encounter, everyone wishes to go to ContactSign to exchange their information.

Deleting messages: All messages which have been deleted can be deleted by the author at any time (using the link in the confirmation mail of Messages are automatically deleted from the system after a maximum of 40 days.

What does the ContactSign hand sign look like?

The sign is made with your hand. The extended thumb and index finger are visibly brought together until they touch. Here the resulting action means two people coming together.

How can I enter or search for a message?

1. Click on [ENTER] or [SEARCH] and follow the menu.
2. Select the location where you gave the ContactSign or you were given the ContactSign. Click on the world map and enter the city and location.
3. Select the date and time where you gave the ContactSign or you were given the ContactSign. In your search you can indicate a time range so that the message can be found in the search result if the time entered is not precise.
4. Write your message or respond to the message you have found.

Where and when can I use ContactSign?

ContactSign can be used worldwide. ContactSign is independent of language and culture and can be used universally. No matter whether two people encounter each other on vacation, when jogging in the forest, at the train station, in the car or plane, the type of contact remains unchanged. The application possibilities are only limited to private, friendly contacts but also allow any type of contact.

Sample uses of ContactSign

a) You are in a bus and look through the window to see someone in another bus who is giving a friendly smile to you. You would like to meet the person. Just show him/her the ContactSign.
b) You are at a party with a lot of people and would like to speak with a certain person. Because you do not have the right moment at the party, you show him the ContactSign.
c) On a business trip, you see an old school friend drive by in a car. You would like to meet this friend in this other city but do not have a phone number for him. You show him the ContactSign.
d) You are at the train station and catch the departing train at the last second. When you look out the window, you see that you have forgotten your suitcase on the platform next to the ticket machine. You give a stranger, who has seen the whole thing happening with the suitcase, the ContactSign.
e) You are jogging with your friend through the city park and cross paths with a nice lady jogger. Because you would like to invite this person to a joint training session, you show her the ContactSign.