How can I use a sign?

Somewhere in the world you encounter a person and would like to exchange information with this person. It is possible that you have no information at all about this selected person.

If you cannot or do not wish to speak to this person directly during the encounter, then carry out the following:
1. Make the ContactSign with your hand and show it to the other person. If the desired person has seen and recognised the sign, this person can search for a message from you on the web portal.
2. Enter your message for the desired person on the web portal, according to the place and time of the encounter.
If the desired person searches for and finds your message, this person can send you a response, for example with his/her name and telephone number. The response will be delivered to your e-mail address.
3. You can now communicate directly with the desired person.

Further information on the use of the sign can be found in the introductory films on the [Home] start page and in the examples in the [Guide] Section.

In which language are the names of the countries and cities indicated?

The country is selected via the graphic map selection. The name of the country always appears in English, e.g. "Sweden" or "Switzerland".

The city entered is always in the original language of the city. This means for a search entry in Geneva, Switzerland, you must search under "Genève" because the name Geneva is in French. Turin in Italy can be found under "Torino" and Warsaw under "Warszawa" etc.

Someone gave me a sign but I cannot find his/her entry.

Extend the search by changing the following search criteria:
1. Do not enter a city and search throughout the country.

2. Expand the date in the calendar with the date range function to a maximum of +/- 7 days.

3. With an exact date, expand the time range with the graphic slider to a maximum of 12:00 a.m.-11:45 p.m.

4. Do not look for a certain location but leave this field blank.

Search again at a later date. Perhaps the person who gave you the sign did not yet entered the message for you on the web portal.

How long can my messages be found for?

The information can be accessed for a period of 40 days following the date of entry. After this the link is automatically deleted.

Who can I send an idea or suggestion for improvement to concerning ContactSign?

The ContactSign team is grateful for all ideas and suggestions. Please send us an email in German or English to the following address:

How can I delete my message from the database again?

In the confirmation e-mail which you have received you will find a link to delete the sign. Click on this link and follow the menu prompts.

Why can't I upload my images onto the web portal?

The ContactSign web portal should be easy, efficient and effective for the user. Future function expansion and improvements will be coordinated according to usage and the needs of users.

Not everyone knows about the Sign. Why not? How can I spread the word about ContactSign?

The application possibilities and benefits of ContactSign directly increase with the awareness of the hand sign and the web portal. Because ContactSign is new and innovative, making people aware of it requires time and resources.

You can make people aware of ContactSign by informing your friends and acquaintances about the sign and its new contact and communication possibilities. We are very grateful for your support.

Can I also use ContactSign with my cell phone?

ContactSign can be used with mobile phones web browsers. However, the operating functions can be limited for some types of devices.
Dedicated clients for iPhone and Windows Mobile will be introduced soon.