The concept for ContactSign originated in 2006. A founding partner of ContactSign met a nice female stranger on the bus on the way to work. The woman looked at him. He would have liked to have spoken to her. He knew that he was never likely to run into her again. But he could not think of the right words. He did not have the courage to speak to the woman. He never met this woman again.

This man had often communicated with people on the Internet. That was a lot easier for him than speaking directly to people on the street. He knew that there were thousands of people who had had the same experience.

The main problem which he had to resolve was the following:

"How can I make contact with a person I meet if I have no information about him or her?"


He found the solution with a unique combination of two simple elements:

"Firstly, there needs to be a place on the Internet where everyone can get to know each other and to which everyone has access. A place where someone can leave a message and other people can read it".

"Secondly, you need a sign to show a certain person that you have left a message for him or her so that they can look for these messages and find them".

The man entrusted his concept to several friends and business partners and in 2009 found two founding partners who all believed in the concept and its successful implementation.

The concept was immediately developed for the market and launched under the registered trademark ContactSign.

ContactSign now provides people worldwide with unique contact and communication possibilities for the most varied personal and professional needs.

You can find some suggestions and examples for the personal use of ContactSign in the operating manual.


Committed persons and companies are behind the concept and driving force of ContactSign who aspire to open people new opportunities and improve their quality of life.

The ContactSign team wishes all users the best of success and thanks everyone who uses ContactSign him or herself and introduces ContactSign to their friends, family and acquaintances.